The Standardized Testing Blues
by Art Wolinsky  

(Sung to the tune of Fulsom Prison Blues)
I ain't seen no learnin' since I don't know when,
               [C7]                                                           [G]
'Cause I'm stuck here preppin chidren for tests that I canít see.
           [D7]                                                     [G]
But the profits just keep  buildin'  for the testing company.
Well, when I was a baby, my momma told me, "Son,
[G]                                                                  [G7]
Your daddy is a teacher, cause the learnin's so much fun."
       [C7]                                              [G]
So I followed in his foot steps, I was aiming for the sky,
           [D7]                                                    [G]
But the times they are changing.  I think I'm gonna cry.
Now  congressmen and testing dudes youíre eatiní fancy meals,
[G]                                                         [G7]
Youíre prob'ly drinking liquor and closing major deals.
           [C7]                                                          [G]
But the kids and I are stuck here.  We're trying to break free
               [D7]                                                            [G]
From the dictates of you experts who are too damn blind to see.
If you freed me from this testing and the classroom time was mine,
[G]                                                                    [G7]
You bet I'd take those children much farther down the line,
               [C7]                                         [G]
Far from testing prison that's where I want to stay,
                  [D7]                                                       [G]
Where the learning and the knowledge will chase the blues away.
For all you smug law makers who think you know it all,
[G]                                                 [G7]
I'd like to set you all up to take a major fall.
               [C7]                                                     [G]
Well you would learn the lesson that you really don't know best,
                  [D7]                                                    [G]
If you were forced to sit down and take your own damn test.