Check Your Dialogue Corrections

Your dialogue should look like this.  Note that these sentences are too short to have gone over one line, therefore, you do not see indentations.  Each sentence is its own paragraph within this dialogue.

                 "Tim, don't you think that Sheri's new shoes are the coolest in the school," asked Juan.

                 Juan replies, "Yeah, I do think they are pretty cool shoes, for a girl and all."

                "How about you, Jenny?  Don't you think her shoes are cool, for a girl?"  Tim asked.

                "Well, I do think they're cool, but I think she got them just because I did" Jenny declared. 

                "Oh, I see.  So are you saying she is trying to be like you? inquired Juan. 

                Jenny replied with a look of guilt, "No, I'm not saying that at all." 

                "Well, no matter who's wearing them, I think they're great shoes," Tim said with finality.

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