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3DWriter was created in 1999 as a way of promoting hypertext writing in schools. Shortly thereafter, I turned it into freeware. It was and still is one of the simplext HTML editors you will ever find. If you are looking for a simple to use, no frills, html editor with an unbelieveably small foot print, 3DWriter is for you.  Yes, it's legacy software, but it's free and easy to use. I sill used it as a quick and dirty start to a web page idea.

After retiring in 2006, I kept this site active for those who might want to use 3DWriter, but began using the site to link to new activities that focus on my love of hypertext narrative through more modern tools such as Blogger and Dreamweaver.

Explore the links in the menu above, be tolerant of the link rot and feel free to download and play with the software Explore the links below, which lead to some of my ramblings.

My Sherwood Glen
Retired Life in NH

Sherwood Beavers
Pond Life at Sherwood Glen

Truth, Lies, Rumors and Rumbles
Personal Blog


Internet Safety Blog

Cyber Safety Through Information Literacy 

In 1999, 3DWriting.com began working with WiredSafety.org to create unique learning opportunities that focus on developing critical thinking and promoting "Cyber Safety through Information Literacy". Now in retirement, the 3DWiredSafety blog is dormant and the curriculum is no longer updated, but both are still relevant.

Art's Carb-Orator
Chronicles of My Low Carb Diet

Diet Food Reviews
Reviews Commercial Diet Food


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